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We are groups of professional who have capability to carryout research and development for the successfully completion of Geospatail Projects. Core competence is our main value to provide cutting edge technological solutions to our customer.

Who We Are

MAPe IT Solutions Pvt. LTd., based in India, is a consultancy and Implementation solution provider in the fields of geospatial technologies and Engineering sector. We provide quality service in GIS mapping, Data management, Remote sensing, Image processing, Photogrammetry mapping ,LiDAR orthophoto and Survey serices.

Our cost-effective solutions cater to the broad spectrum of Government and Private Users. We have clear vision to provide best class services to our clients under the guidance of our experienced and professional management team.

Our vision is to create a synergic effect on the GeoSpatial and Engineering Industry by envisioning and creating convergent solutions that imbibe the evolving technologies across Digital Photogrammetry, LiDAR, GIS, And ORTHO Photo with our dynamism, specialisation and expertise in Earth Sciences, Engineering and Management.

We will supply leading edge solutions that incorporate the latest breakthroughs in algorithms and processing technologies to bring our customers new levels of enterprise production solutions that improve their bottom line profitability. To achieve completeness and accuracy of each map product, the company uses specific quality control measures that incorporate the use of verification software, operator verification, and independent editing

Our History

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MAPe It Solutions Pvt Ltd

Since 2010,MAPe IT Solutions has been working in the geospatial image data processing industry, offering its respected clients all over the world services in Digital Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR, ORTHO, GIS, CAD, PLS CADD, BIM, and Remote Sensing. In a timely manner, we have been effectively producing data that meets client expectations.


MAPe It Solutions PVT LTD

We are now presenting MAPe It Solutions PVT LTD to provide comprehensive solutions on Survey Sectore and offer DGPS/ Total station, UAV Drone, and Airbon LiDAR survey in a new approach that promise to change how we do and how we do it. Our team understands the value, acquisition, and analysis of capturing the data and how it is applied to meet the needs and challenges of our valuable clients.

Meet Our Team

We are an organization of team players, each contributing by doing the work essential to our success and growth.

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