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Engineering surveys and services


We offer service to different types Engineering such as forest,railway,networking,oil & gas.

  • The forest Engineering has utilized remote sensing since the earliest days of aerial photogrammetry. Traditionally this has involved using stereoscopes and manual interpretation to extract three-dimensional information about the vertical forest structure.
  • Railways throughout the world differ dramatically in size, type of operation and the environment in which they operate, yet all are asset-intensive corridors. Geo Adithya asset mapping services provide customers with the information needed to ensure the safe and uninterrupted operation of railway corridors.
  • Telecommunications strategies for the 21st-century call for innovation and proven expertise. Geo AdithyA and its specialized industry partners are known worldwide and recognized as providers of custom-tailored solutions for the telecommunications industry.
  • The most established market in the remote sensing is in the area of natural resources in the exploration of oil, gas and minerals. Satellite and air-borne Remote Sensing technology aids in the selection and development of oil and gas exploration areas around the world

Geo spatial

We are providing services in Digital Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR, ORTHO, GIS, CAD, PLS CAD, BIM, Remote Sensing, Total Station/DGPS Survey and UAV(DRONE Survey) etc..


We use adaptive development principles to develop feature-rich, business-critical applications, which are based on open industry standards and technology frameworks in the area of emerging technologies.


To offer universal and innovative solutions for integrating spatial information into the systems and processes of organizations.


We offer service to different types Surveying such as Topographic Survey, Mining Survey, Contour Survey, Route Survey, Land Survey, Road Survey, Rail Survey, Transmission Line Survey, Smart City Survey, Cadastral Survey, Levelling Surveying.

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